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LongEx Mainframe Quarterly - May 2019


Reliability and Resilience

Reliability and resilience are the topics of this issue of LongEx Mainframe Quarterly. Often taken for granted in mainframe systems, the high standards of resilience and reliability required from mainframes don't happen by accident.

In our first management article, we take a step back, and look at the different levels of recovery that give us resilience in depth: how high reliabilty is achieved. By doing this, we see that offsite disaster recovery strategies are only one or many recovery layers.

In our opinion article, we argue that high availability and resilience come from solving not only the big problems, but all of them: big or small.

Finally in our second management article, we look at open source software. We revisit the arguments about whether open source software is a viable option, but from a mainframe perspective.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

management: Disaster Recovery in Depth: More than Offsite Recovery

When I talk about disaster recovery (DR) at client sites, the conversations turn quickly to the offsite disaster recovery.

We talk about their plans to recover the entire site in the case of a disaster, or if there are major hardware or environmental problems. And this is a really important part of any overall disaster recovery plan. But there’s more to DR than offsite recovery.


opinion: Reliability is in the Details

Let's talk about reliability. Everyone will tell you that z/OS is the most reliable platform in the world. Just keeps on chugging along. What they may not tell you is that much of this reliability is in the details.


management: Open Source and Mainframes: A Good Idea, or Craziness?

The discussion about the security and resilience/reliability of open source software has been going on for years. But for mainframes, open source hasn't been that big a thing. But with the release of the mainframe open source software Zowe, it's a good time to consider this question again, in the context of mainframe systems.

So is open source OK for mainframes, or is it just asking for trouble?



LongEx Quarterly is a quarterly eZine produced by Longpela Expertise. It provides System z Mainframe and z/OS related articles for management and technical experts. It is published every November, February, May and August.

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